Date Posted:15 February 2019 


Before you buy that “Part” from a back-yarder who sells on Facebook or eBay you need to consider some critical factors. If that part fails on your motorcycle & you are involved in an accident who is standing with you? Nobody may be the frightening answer. 

True Story: Victorian motorcyclist fitted some parts he purchased from a Facebook seller to his new Yamaha. The "Part" failed & he crashed into a car travelling beside him before having a terrible accident which he thankfully survived albeit with multiple injuries.

An insurance assessor inspected the motorcycle while the owner was in Hospital & spots broken “Part”deems that to be the cause of the accident & Claim Denied. It was that simple for the Insurance company who told him to pursue the manufacturer of the “Part”. He tried this but the guy knocking these parts out & flogging them on Facebook has no insurance of course. He could try a civil suit but beyond that he was shit out of luck.

It gets worse, he was denied TAC. (For those outside Victoria this is Transport Accident Commission & is similar to 3rd party insurance. TAC covers people for injuries sustained in transport accidents.) Again it was connected to the failed “Part” & something to do with voiding the Yamaha warranty. As it had no manufacturers brand behind it, in essence, they deemed the “Part” to be home made & all bets were off. His injuries prevented him from returning to work and with no TAC & no income protection the poor man actually lost his house!  Had I not heard it from the man himself I would have thought it a myth that gets larger each time its told. 

On that very day I set about to truly uncover what my own business insurance provided for my customers. I put it to the Insurance Company bluntly, “If a part we manufacture fails & the motorcycle is hit by a school bus, I want to know everybody is covered.” The insurers did their thing and the package I now have provides not just Liability Insurance but Product Insurance so every item which leaves my store & goes on your motorcycle carries with it a Gold Class Insurance Protection. Should a part fail, & it never has, our Insurance has you covered.

You all pay insurance & you know it's expensive. The insurance I pay to protect my customers requires me to price my products a bit higher than some guy working on his own in a shed but after reading this, I think you will understand & probably spend the extra few dollars without hesitation to know we’ve got your back if you ever need us.

Ride safe & know when you buy from Bad Boy Bobbers & Customs we stand behind you all the way.




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